My Way Home School Collective
High School of Cre8tive Arts and
Support Our
My Way HSC offers a curriculum which is college preparatory in nature and diversified  in style.
Offering advanced placement exam preparation and accelerated work for students of exceptional
ability and motivation. A  cre8tive arts focused program of electives allows students to begin
exploration and focus of areas in which they have interest while extracurricular offerings help
develop abilities and interests in such areas as writing, fine arts, service and leadership.

My Way HSC Customized Curriculum:
African World View: Our students are exposed to all aspects of academia and instruction                     
through the lens of the African Diaspora.

Standard Driven: My Way HSC believes in our youth. We believe that all students are
capable            of learning. Our Curriculum allows students to move at a pace that is most
conducive to their           individualized learning style, The ultimate goal retain what they have
learned with the ability         to apply said skills.

Cre8tive Arts: Dance, Voice, Visual Arts, and Creative Writing are intriqitely woven into
the                 daily activities and curriculm. My Way also offers specializations in each area to assist
students            who have selected the Arts as thier carrer path.  

Home School Based: While My Way HSC is a full day program, we provide a partnership with         
parents and the community to provide a wholistc educational experiance.  Our process allows          
students to take some parent led and tutor led courses. Each family is responsible for no less               
than 2 credit hours per year. Support is provided.

Spiritually Based: My Way HSC is a program of  No Stones Ministries, Inc. Both intities
are                 non-religious but encourage self discovery and a connection to something outside
of                             yourself.
(What We Believe)