No Stones Ministries, INC.
No Stones Ministries, INC.
appreciation for Hip Hop, Spirituality and
uplifting their community.  For the two of them
the best way to combine these loves is sharing
them with youth. Both Aynda and Bobby believe
that the true salvation of a people rests in the
hands of its youth. If we don't take the time to
cultivate this resource [our youth]  then we as a
nation of people [Africans in America] have
sealed our own fate" ( Aynda Kanyama-Jackson)
The Jacksons been working with youth under the
No Stones name for over 13 years. The first
youth group was founded at  Calvary United
Methodist Church. In 2005 a second group was
launched with Inspirit Truth Center where NSM,
Inc. is still currently opperating a "Da Cyper"
session every second and fouth Sunday.  In 2007,
NSM, Inc.  was given its wings and continues to
take flight as an incorporated non-profit.  
Way Home School Collective, the NSM, Inc. High
School program was launched in 2008, and as of
Oct. 2009  NSM, Inc. is a  recognized Georgia
501c(3) not for profit organization, in good
Please continue to visit with us on the web and
where ever you find us in the community