No Stones Ministries, INC.
No Stones Ministries, INC.
7. We believe that all mankind is made in the image and likeness of God and that we
all have dominion and power. That we are Spiritual beings having a human
. 8. We believe that as Africans, descendants of the most ancient of humans, we have
the sobering responsibility to restore the balance between spirit and humanity.
No Stones Ministries, Inc. is not; nor have we ever been run, owned, or operated by a religious
organization. Our first youth groups are focused on spiritual development and functionality for
inner city youth.  We have never discriminated based on what tools youth use to reach their
highest potential.  We welcome youth from all walks of life and encourage them to gain a
deeper spiritual connection based on what they themselves believe to be true.  
1. We believe in the Most High God, known by many    
attributes. Each person has the individual free will
within to choose the personal name of his or her choice.
2.  We believe all people are expressions of ONE
universal God, which is activated, in the personal life of
all that feel this Omni Present/omniscient/ Omnipotent-
intelligence, power and presence
3. We believe in the metaphysical teachings of great spiritual
leaders, ancient, old, young and those yet to be born. Many of
these teaching have been  discovered through the wisdom of  
many sacred texts.
4.We believe each person is on Earth to complete a Divine
purpose that only he or she can fulfill, the ultimate goal of
life is to discover your purpose and live it to the fullest.
5.We believe heaven is a consciousness of love, peace,
joy, prosperity and wholeness within you. Hell is a
consciousness of hatred, confusion, sadness, poverty
and sickness that can dwell within you.
through our thoughts, words and actions which manifest
universal Law.