Name of the Game: Chess in Real Life
What is NOTG?

NOTG is a course designed to assist youth in the
journey of everyday living.
NOTG uses the ancient game of chess to provide life
lessons and enable youth to apply the lessons learned
on the chess board to the game of life. By tapping into
the affinity today’s youth have for competition and Hip
Hop, NOTG conveys these lessons to the youth in a
manner that is familiar and consequently, more readily
accepted into youth culture and psyche.
What are some benefits of chess?

Chess develops memory, improves concentration,
develops logical thinking, promotes imagination and
creativity, inspires self-motivation, rewards hard work
and has been shown to improve schoolwork and grades.

-Adapted from "research and benefits of chess" by
robert ferguson
How does Chess Impact the young mind?

  • Chess provides a far greater quantity of
    problems for practice.
  • Chess offers immediate punishments and
    rewards for problem solving.
  • Chess creates a pattern or thinking system
    that, when used faithfully, breeds success.
    Chess playing students are accustomed to
    looking for more and different alternatives,
    which result in higher scores in fluency and
  • Chess provides healthy competition.
    Competition fosters interest, promotes mental
    alertness, challenges all students, and elicits
    the highest levels of achievement.
  • A learning environment organized around
    games has a positive effect on students'
    attitudes toward learning. This affective
    dimension acts as a facilitator of cognitive

Adopted from L.E. Allen & D.B. Main, ``Effect of
Instructional Gaming on Absenteeism: the First Step,''
How do I get NOTG for my program?
Organize a class at your school or community center or for tournament information, contact:
Bobby Jackson
Call: 404-66-youth
text: 404-643-9304