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While T.S.K. maintains a brick & mortar location,
our teaching style is very much a "School With
Out Walls"
Our  Fall Orientation is
conducted  off campus and
consists of team building
and cultural enrichment
A TSK student journey is one of exploration and self
discovery, in and outside ofhe classroom. It is one not
readily available to most inner city youth.
       TSK Students have uniforms that reflect solidarity. By
maintaining TSK Standards students can earn uniform
passes or additional accessories to individualize their look.
As a school family TSK is
about the business of
volunteer work, it reminds
our youth to stay connected
to their communities, and to
never be too busy to care
about their neighbors.
Creative Arts is  
infused into
every day at
TSK; visual art,
poetry,  voice,
and dance are
key components
to our
Tamu Sana Kanyama Preparatory Academy
High School of Creative Arts and Media